Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition & hydration is an important part of health. However, for some, preparing meals can be a challenge. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent disability preventing someone from cooking their own meals, it’s important to have a caregiver or family member ensure you or your loved ones are eating well.

Our caregivers can prepare meals according to the client’s dietary needs. Our caregivers can prepare a meal or something light such as a sandwich.  It is important to remember to eat regularly and our staff can make sure you and your loved ones are eating properly and staying hydrated. Our caregivers can also prepare a meal and put it in the fridge in advance so that the client has easy access to a nutritious meal.

Ask us how our Home Health Aides can assist with meal preparation in your home, such as:

  • Meal Planning

  • Cooking

  • Removing expired food

  • Post-meal cleanup

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