Transportation Services

When mobility becomes an issue, you might find yourself depending on a family member or others to help you take care of errands. There are several reasons for considering support with transportation. Examples include vision concerns, balance getting in and of vehicles, temporary mobility issues post-surgery, or progressive health issues such as Parkinson’s.

If you find getting places is becoming more challenging, our trained caregivers and nurses can get you where you want to go! With our concerns being centered on your safety and well-being, we screen caregivers to ensure only those with excellent driving records assist with transportation needs. We also provide training for proper techniques assisting you in and out of the vehicle and other support needed with wheelchair transportation or walking.

Our care staff can either run errands for you while you stay in the comfort of your home, or can go out with you to assist with transportation needs, such as:

  • Going to and from doctor’s appointments

  • Trips to the grocery store

  • Picking up prescriptions and medication from the drug store

  • Other shopping needs

transportatoin services - helping with errands